DJI brand

The DJI series are the most famous ones. They have several designs and functionalities. The latest from the series is the Phantom 4, this is the commercial version.

It’s almost fool proof. Meaning, when the battery is low or something is wrong it automatically flies back to where you first came from.

The most amazing feature on this one is the ‘self-thinking’ part of it. When you are flying and you let go of the control the drone stays at that same place. It’s quite amazing and above all very powerful and safe.

The drone is very light and it comes with one battery. You can purchase more batteries so you will have a way longer battery life for your project. The camera is a 4K amazing camera which can shoot awesome stuff. Together with some friends here in my little hometown we started filming with the P4 and it looks amazing. Happy I brought it along instead of buying it here. It’s almost impossible to get your hands on it!