Living abroad

When I got the job offered here in Bolivia and it was my time to move I got really exited. It would be the first time I could fly my drone in a, for me, exotic country. Living an expat life was something I always dreamed of but never thought I had the courage to do. I would be going international now! I was excited but also nervous, not really knowing what to arrange for an expat life in another country. Who did I know there, what would life be over there and how to prepare myself. Living abroad automatically means getting your stuff together for instance an international travel insurance. Especially one which made it easy to visit other countries safely as well. I asked other expat friends if it was really that important and what kind of insurance I should have. First thing they told me, don’t underestimate the importance. Especially when staying abroad in a country like Bolivia. For me it’s important to emphasize this because it’s like an alarm in your house. You hope you don’t need it, but it’s very nice to have it. It’s a peace of mind for sure. After a long search and asking the right people (eventually) I found a good international health insurance, which covered a lot in their package. It was reasonable priced and I was happy with their service.

Everything took a bit longer than expected from my side so I had the privileged to leave one month later. Which was a good thing because the DJI Drone was coming out and I was happy to have waited, bought it and use it in Bolivia.

I said goodbye to all my loved ones and I was in for a complete new adventure.

My drone is the Phantom 4 of the DJI brand.